A Little Life Update:

Hey guys!

It’s 2019 and I haven’t posted in FOREVER. Between planning a wedding last year, work, school, and then the holidays posting on the blog just got away from me.

I have so many ideas for some blog posts this year, I’m so excited about it! I’ve missed blogging so much, I’m going to try and post weekly or every other week at least -trying not to get a little ahead of myself lol.

So a lot has happened since the last time I posted! Rudy and I got married in September and it was literally the best day of my life! Two days after our wedding we went on our honeymoon to Cancun and it was such a fun week (we did not want to come back lol!) I think I’m going to be doing an entire separate post on our wedding/honeymoon and share some wedding photos.

Shortly after our wedding we moved into a new place and we just love it so much, it’s in a nice area and has so many fun things to do close by.



After moving into our new place Rudy and I decided to get a puppy! Her name is Shiloh and she’s a mini Aussie, she also happens to be the cutest dog ever so theres that (pure fact)! We got her when she was just 8 weeks old and we’ve had her for almost two months now, she learns so fast and is the sweetest thing!



A couple of weeks after bringing Shiloh into our family we decided to take some family pictures, I asked my best friend if she could help us take some and they ended up so cute! I love them so much (also check out my stud of a man lol)!




Taking these pictures was so much fun but we definitely had to figure out how to get Shiloh to look at the camera (I’d like to think she’s a natural) and she did such a good job!

Shiloh loves running around outside and just rolling around in the grass (taking her on walks is hard sometimes lol) she had so much fun this day at the park! I really want to take a weekend trip to go camping somewhere, there are so many cute little cabins and I think it would be so fun!



I just love our little Shiloh so much, even though puppies are a handful it’s been such a joy having her in our little family- it gets me so excited thinking about how it’s going to be when we start to have babies, we definitely want a big family!

The holidays were so much fun, we did Christmas in pj’s and we had the best time. I love spending time with mine and Rudy’s family.

We took some pictures of Shiloh in front of our tree and since we’re clearly obsessed with her I thought I would share some of her pics LOL.



She LOVES chewing on the tree, well honestly she’s a puppy so she loves chewing on anything haha.





She also loves giving high fives especially when you give her a little treat afterwards!


There’s been so many changes in the past 4 months it’s been crazy but I’m so glad Rudy and I get to go through these changes together, I can’t wait for what our future has in store!

Anyways, I just thought I would share a little life update with you guys! I’ve got so many fun ideas coming soon, I’m so excited!

As always I’ll link what I’m wearing and similar stuff down below!