Denim Days

Hey guys!

Currently blogging at one of my favorite coffee shops while listening to Ed Sheeran and it’s giving me major happy vibes haha!

Anywho! I’ve been so excited for this post because I feel like it really embodies one of my favorite things: DENIM! I literally live for denim wether it be shirts, shorts,  jackets or jeans, I love it!

I really loved this outfit because it was so comfy, boho and just all around super cute! (In my opinion at least lol)





So I had seen this denim top at Madewell and I absolutely fell in love with it but decided I would try and find something similar at Forever 21 and I did! Let me tell you, when I say they’re pretty identical I mean they’re suuuuuper similar!

Don’t get me wrong, I love madewell and I think their clothes are amazing quality, but I wanted something more inexpensive simply because I might not wear this top for more than one season (or more, you never know!).






These jeans are some of my favorite! I got them last year from American Eagle and they’re so comfy! They are mom jeans so if you’re not into the style I would just opt for any regular pair of ripped denim!

I personally love a good pair of high waisted jeans just because I feel like they are so flattering, you can wear shorter shirts and still feel like you aren’t too exposed or tie your shirt right over the top of your pants and it is a really flattering look, like I did here!






Now for my accessories I really wanted to add a pop of color to this look so I opted for my Madewell bandana and you guys I am so loving this trend! I seriously cannot get enough! Bandana’s are so fun to accessorize with, you can tie them around your neck for a more boho/western look, around your top knot/ also use it as a headband, or even on your handbag straps: the list is endless and it’s such a fun way to add color to your outfit!

Now for my favorite part, these shoes!!! I could go on an entire rant on how amazing these shoes are (but I will spare you guys lol!). These are the Free People Royale flats! These are by far my favorite shoes at the moment because they are so comfortable, I got them in the color ‘brown’ and it’s such a good neutral; it literally goes with everything! The cutout on the side is so stinkin’ cool I’m just obsessed, they also come in an open toe version (but that made my toes look weird and I’m really sad about it) that would be perfect for summer!

I’ve worn these shoes with just about everything: shorter dresses, maxi dresses, jeans, and jumpers, so cute! If you’re able too I would totally splurge on these, the leather is so soft and so comfortable, even on hotter days they don’t feel too tight or anything!





Hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did, it was one of my favorites! As always, I will link similar stuff down below!

Little side noteI know I always blog about fashion, beauty and all other things but don’t forget real beauty comes from within! Our ability to feel empathy, compassion and spread kindness is what truly makes us beautiful, not just what clothes or shoes we wear. Always remember that! 










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